1. Consultation

As the initial step of the loft conversion process, a consultation is imperative in ensuring that the final outcome is entirely suited to the client’s requirements. Magic Lofts aim to bring every clients vision to life, transforming their space into the perfect haven for relaxation.

A member of our friendly team will visit your home to thoroughly assess your loft space and begin to draw up ideas on how you can maximise your space based on what you already have. Every property is different, which means that what might be ideal for one, would not be suited to another. During your consultation, clients will start to get an idea on whether a Dormer, Rooflight, Hip to Gable or L-Shaped loft conversion would be the best route for them.

2. Provisional Basic Design and Quote

Magic Lofts may complete the construction and building process, but ultimately, it will be the client that will be living in the space. With this in mind, once the initial consultation is complete and all measurements are taken, our surveyor will visit to build a basic provisional design. The design will be solely based on the client requirements discussed in the consultation, along with their budget and whether they hope to add any additional features such as an en suite or walk-in wardrobe.

Designs will be bespoke to the client and created in a manner which means that they are able to get the most out of their loft conversion and maximise space. The desired furniture will be taken into consideration to ensure that the client can enjoy all the features they have in mind. Once the provisional design has been completed, our team will then be able to provide a quote.

3. Quote, Contract and Payment Schedule Agreement

Magic Lofts will never begin to put any construction plans in place until all aspects of the loft conversion are discussed and agreed with the client. We recognise that any form of home renovations has an impact on the home and can prove somewhat stressful for family members, so included in the contract, will be aspects such as estimated timeframe and conversion hours.

We take an honest approach to loft conversions and provide a cost total with no hidden fees. Our team will then work with the clients to make a payment schedule agreement. If there are any aspects of the contract or payment agreement that the client is unsure on or have any questions, our team are more than happy to walk through each component to solve any queries.

4. Scale CAD Drawn Structural Plans

Using the initial provisional design, Magic Lofts will begin creating a structural plan using digital CAD software. Also known as an architectural scaled drawing, the CAD plan allows us to start implementing accurate dimensions of the loft conversion, along with any objects that will be inside. All plans will be constructed using a fixed scale rule which means that each dimension can easily be converted into real-world sizes. In doing this, we are able to give clients a visual insight into what they can expect using computer-aided designs. The designs will then be used to explain each aspect of the conversion to the client to ensure that each component meets their requirements.

5. Scaffolding Erected and Construction Work Begins

Once the final design is agreed, and our contract is signed, it is time for the fun to begin! The first step of the loft conversion will be erecting the supporting scaffolding; this will start on a day that is best suited to the client’s schedule to guarantee minimal disruption.

During the loft conversion process, our team will maintain constant communication with the client and provide daily updates on steps completed and stages yet to come. In the unlikely event that an issue arises, we will inform the client before making any repairs or carrying out any preventative measures. Our highly reputable workforce include carpenters, electricians, bricklayers and many more, so we can reassure all clients that we will have an expert on hand to solve any problems we may come across.

6. Final Completion

The final steps of the loft conversion process will be tasks such as fitting storage solutions, windows and doors, along with constructing a bespoke staircase. Once the construction work is complete, our team will help move in all furniture to create the loft conversion of your dreams!

Download Our Conversion Plans

No two loft conversions are the same; each is bespoke to the client, their loft space and their requirements. To give an insight into each loft conversion type and the floor plan that can be achieved, we have added a collection of our Magic Lofts conversions plans below.

Dormer Loft Conversion Plans

Download Plan

Rooflight Loft Conversion Plans

Download Plan

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Plans

Download Plan

L-Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion Plans

Download Plan