Magic Lofts are thrilled to show off our fantastic new website and invite you to take a browse through our variety of bespoke loft conversion services. With a dedicated workforce of highly skilled, experienced and passionate individuals, we aim to transform your home and bring your visions to life!

Loft Conversion Specialists

Magic Lofts differ to many other loft conversion companies; we recognise that any home renovation can have a significant impact on a homeowners daily routine, particularly if you have younger members of the family pottering around. All construction work is carried out based on your schedule, taking into consideration a time and date that is best suited to your requirements to minimise disruption. Our four main areas of expertise lie in the following areas:

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The first step of building a loft conversion consists of a site survey, where Magic Lofts will visit your home to assess the space and how you can use it to your advantage to maximise results. We are lucky enough to have a dedicated surveyor as part of our excellent workforce meaning that they will draw up several different designs, taking into consideration how you plan to utilise your new loft conversion, along with your requirements. When building potential designs, we aim to use your current space to our advantage and then decide whether an extension will be required to ensure that you gain enough floor space and headroom to live comfortably.

Magic Lofts maintain the promise that you will be kept informed every step of the loft conversion process. We believe that constant communication is key and it is imperative to provide ongoing support during construction work. All arising issues will be solved swiftly, keeping you in the loop before making any slight changes in plan.

If you are interested in the idea of a loft conversion, but not too sure how to kickstart the process, then please feel free to contact Magic Lofts! Our team are more than happy to pop over to assess your current loft and attic to advise you on the best route moving forward – we look forward to hearing from you!